A huge warm thank you to Karla Bjornstad on her valuable contribution to the work of Asral NGO this summer.

……….. “I travelled from the US to work as a volunteer from June 16th – July 23, 2014 at Asral NGO. I taught English to the neighbourhood children ages 11 – 17. I also taught English to the doctors and nurses at the Ikh-Amgalan Family Health Center close to the Asral center.

I thoroughly enjoyed not only the teaching aspect but getting to know Mongolia through my students. I was invited into their homes and went on many outings. I have continued to email students after I returned home. I found Mongolians to be friendly, generous and loving.

The Center’s staff makes sure you are comfortable and helps you with travel plans and other outings. They also helped me to arrange a daylong outing with the staff as well as a fantastic trip to the Gobi Desert.

If you are looking for an adventurous volunteer experience – I highly recommend the Asral Project.”

Karla Bjornstad August 2014

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